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Schools catering deliver a service that meets the mandatory standards as set out in the school food plan and the requirements of the food based standards.

They offer an excellent service, combining quality food with value for money.

Their food is purchased from specialist suppliers and they are committed to using locally sourced and seasonal products where appropriate.

They provide professional expertise combined with the flexibility to meet individual school requirements.

For more information please visit Derbyshire Services for Schools.

Funding of Free School Meals (FSM) and Universal Infant Free School Meals during (UIFSM) 2020/2021

Further to the letter dated 23/2/21, regarding the school meal charging arrangements impacted by COVID-19, specifically if there is a concern that your school funding arrangements for the provision of UIFSM and FSM are insufficient to meet the charges made by Catering for the period April 2020 – March 2021.

At present, all funding for this period isn’t yet known, due to the final adjustment for UIFSM which will be paid in June or July 2021, it isn’t possible to calculate any under or overfunding until later in the year.

If you do believe that the charges for FSM and UIFSM combined for April 2020 – March 2021 are greater than any income received for the same funding streams during the same period, please fill in the 2020-2021 FSM & UIFSM Charges form by 31 July 2021.