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What to do when a pupil moves abroad.

It is important that when a child is moving abroad, key information from parents, as shown on the model pupil exit form, is obtained prior to the child leaving your school.

If this information is not obtained prior to the child’s last day at school, attempts should be made to contact parent to confirm their future arrangements regarding education.

You should send a copy of the completed Pupil Exit form – Leaving the Country to CME in all cases so that we have the new school details on file.

If parents cannot provide details of the new school, a letter template for school abroad may be a way of forwarding this information to you once the child has left. It can be given to the parent prior to leaving so that information can be established at a later date. Or you can email it to parent if child has already left your school

If the child has a social worker, as soon as the information about the move comes to light, notify them.

If the child has any other professional working with the family in a supportive capacity, contact them if there are concerns about the move.

If you have any concerns about this move regarding safeguarding, refer to Starting Point.

When a family moves abroad, school should obtain a:

  1. new home address (in full)
  2. new school
  3. confirmation from receiving school that the child is on roll and attending.

If you have all the above information, you should:

  • complete a Child Missing Leaver form (CML) with “reason for leaving” and “grounds for removal, “destination” and “leaving date”.
  • Send a copy of the Pupil Model Exit Form to the CME team via Perspective Lite.
  • Remove the child from roll.
  • Send the CTF to MMMMMMM (for “moved abroad”).

If you do not have all three pieces of information you will need to treat the child as missing and refer to CME by sending a SR1a Referral Form via Perspective Lite.

  • Send the CTF to XXXXXXX (for “missing pupil”)

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