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What to do when a pupil moves abroad.

It is important that wherever possible, when a child is moving abroad, key information from parents, as shown on the model pupil exit form, is obtained prior to the child leaving your school.

If this information is not obtained prior to the child’s last day at school, attempts should be made to contact parent and make arrangements to confirm their future arrangements in regard to education.

If parents cannot provide details of the new school, a letter template for school abroad may be a way of forwarding this information to you, once the child has left. It can be given to the parent prior to leaving so that information can be established at a later date.

If the child has a social worker, as soon as the information about the move comes to light, contact the social worker.

If the child has any other professional working with the family in a supportive capacity, contact them if there are concerns about the move.

When a family moves abroad, school should obtain:

  • destination details including new school and new home address (in full)
  • confirmation from receiving school that the child is attending or a place has been agreed

Without this information you will need to treat the child as missing and refer to CME.

It would be desirable (but not essential) to obtain a copy of a visa or work permit or other pertinent paperwork supporting the move.

Please keep details in your school records; do not forward to CME.

You also need to send the child's CTF to the lost pupil database using designation XXXXXXX.

Meeting in school prior to going

Wherever possible, prior to a move abroad, a meeting or discussion (recorded) should be made between school representatives and parent/carer(s) to discuss the move and establish relevant details:

  • do parents have a clear and settled plan?
  • are they happy to provide a forwarding address in the new country? 
  • does the child know where they are going and why?
  • does the child's understanding match what the parents have said?
  • is the child fearful of the move?
  • what are friends of the child saying?

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