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What to do when new pupils do not arrive at your school.

During main transfer rounds including entry to reception

Where places have been allocated and children do not arrive, schools should contact the admissions and appeals team within five days, or immediately if school knows of safeguarding concerns.

During in-year admissions

Following an offer of a school place, parents are advised to contact the school within 10 school days to confirm they are taking up the place and agree starting arrangements which must include a start date.

If the school hasn’t received any contact from the parent 10 school days after the offer has been made, the school should make their own attempts to contact the parents (telephone calls/texts/emails/letters).

Once a further 5 school days have been passed and no contact has been established with the parent, the school should then contact the admissions and appeals team (or immediately if the school knows of any safeguarding concerns).

Admissions will try to contact the parents and, if appropriate, the child's last school. If they are unable to identify a current school, admissions will refer to Children Missing from Education as a missing child.

If parents confirm starting arrangements including a start date but the child does not arrive on their start date, the child should be placed on roll at the school and normal internal attendance procedures should be followed.

Contact admissions and appeals team, email: or tel: 01629 537479.

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