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Continuing Professional Development training.

UK Feminista supports students and teachers to promote gender equality in the classroom and enables schools and colleges to adopt a whole school approach to tackling sexism, including gender stereotyping, sexual harassment and sexist language. Research and a free school resource hub are provided.


Training can also be provided to support schools to fulfil their legal safeguarding obligations regarding sexism and sexual harassment, as outlined in the Department for Education's statutory guidance 'Keeping children safe in education'. 

UK Feminista has developed an online teacher training course on tackling sexism and sexual harassment in schools. The interactive course is designed to equip teachers and school staff with the tools and confidence to challenge sexism in schools. It is suitable for teachers, school staff and local authority safeguarding leads.

The free training can be accessed by creating an account on the UK Feminista training website.

The online training course has been used by schools and ITT providers, including the University of Southampton, University of Manchester, University of Exeter and King's College London.

  • 100% of participants found the training useful
  • 99% of participants now feel more confident about how to tackle sexism in the classroom
  • 99% of participants would recommend this training to other teachers

“This online resource is a vital tool in creating a more equitable society for everyone. The user is clearly guided through the ideas and challenged to unpack the maintenance of sexism within schools and society. The resources also contain practical advice and plenty of examples of positive current practice that should readily support students and teachers in taking direct action in schools. I would recommend this to both trainee and current teachers.” - Dr Anna Llewellyn, Programme Director, Education Studies – Durham University

The online training course includes interactive activities, case studies, video content and classroom resources. It will enable teachers to meet their legal duty to challenge sexism and discrimination in schools.

UK Feminista are happy to talk to any school about their work. Further enquiries can be emailed to:

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