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Analyse School Performance (ASP) is a key source of data from the Department for Education (DfE).

ASP provides schools and local authorities with a range of analyses predominantly built around the DfE headline measures.

Access to the ASP reports is via the Department for Education's Secure Access portal, DfE Sign-in. If anyone in a school needs access and does not have login details, then they should liaise with the DfE Sign-in Approver in their school for further advice for accessing the site and for login details.

If the DfE Sign-in Approver is no longer in the school, then the headteacher or other appropriate member of staff needs to contact the DfE requesting approver status for another individual. This can be done via the DfE Sign-in.

Visit our SchoolsNet page for more information.

The DfE have also created a useful information video for Approvers and Users that explains how to log in to the new service.

Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)

The IDSR is a PDF file showing data which Ofsted inspectors will use when preparing for and during school inspection. The IDSR is designed to align with the Ofsted school inspection handbook, so that areas of interest can be used to identify inspection trails.

The IDSR is securely accessed via the ‘all reports’ tab of ASP.

You can also view the latest school IDSR guide on the GOV.UK website.

Should you have any IDSR data queries, please do not hesitate to contact Ian Meredith:

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