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The date for this year's collection is Thursday 2 November 2023.

As you know, for the school workforce census the local authority (LA) extracts data from SAP for LA maintained schools and loads it into COLLECT.

Staff at the LA will then contact each of these schools shortly after census day to collect any missing information required to complete the census return.

Therefore, it is important for schools to collect this information and have it available for when they are contacted by the LA. Schools will not be required to do anything more than provide this information to us. Schools will only need to log into COLLECT if asked to do so.

Be prepared for when the LA phone your school (LA maintained schools only)

Please collect information on the following:

  • any teacher vacancies at your school on 2 November 2023
  • the number of supply teachers at your school on 2 November 2023

Updating SAP ready for the school workforce census

SEN Co-ordinator

All schools are reminded to check, even if there have been no changes since last year, and update details of the school SEN Co-ordinator in SAP (which includes checking that end dates are correctly recorded). It is important this information is accurate as it will be included in your 2023 return. The DfE insists that every school has a member of staff with the role of SEN Co-ordinator in their return. Instructions for amending or updating your SEN Co-ordinator can be found in 'HR and Payroll School Workforce Census', in the related documents area. Any updates should be applied by Friday 29 September 2023 at the latest.

Please contact if you require any assistance with updating SEN Co-ordinator details.

Newly Qualified Teachers (Early Career Teachers)

In 2021 the DfE made changes to the school workforce census return effective from September 2021, relating to data being collected for Newly Qualified Teachers during their 2 year induction period.

The induction period for NQTs was increased to 2 years, starting with the September 2021 cohort, so going forward, they will be recorded on SAP as part of the New Starter Action if the school has completed this information on the updated teacher starter form.

Any staff falling into the above category will require checking within SAP to ensure it correctly reflects if a NQT is either in their first or second year of induction.

Instructions for updating the NQT field can be found in the 'Guidance for inputting and reporting section six school workforce', in the related documents area. 

Please contact if you require any assistance with the section on Newly Qualified Teachers.

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