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The Fiori ordering system is an electronic procurement system used by schools to request goods and services effectively and efficiently.

Its functionality allows requisitioners (formerly known as shoppers) to create free text orders which automatically workflow to relevant school approvers based on their financial approval limits.

Once approved the purchase order is sent to the Vendor and the committed amount(s) will appear on the school's budget.

Items or services are then goods receipted, and the budget is automatically updated with the actual cost and the committed amount is removed.

Introductory sessions providing an overview of the new Fiori ordering system will be taking place from Monday 11 March Book your place on the Derbyshire Learning Online system.     

All schools requisitioners should be aware of the following disclaimer when ordering:

Derbyshire County Council has enabled technology in the Fiori ordering system to allow schools to purchase goods and/or services from the external product catalogues of selected suppliers (the 'services').

Derbyshire County Council cannot recommend the use of any particular supplier that can be accessed via this technology, and any school using the services shall be solely responsible for selecting a particular supplier of the services. The school will also need to demonstrate that it has complied with the regulations and procedures (including value for money obligations) as set out in the Derbyshire scheme for financing schools.

Accordingly whilst Derbyshire County Council has taken reasonable care in providing this purchasing facility through the Fiori ordering system, other than where it is negligent, we cannot accept any liability for any damages or losses howsoever incurred by any school where such a school uses the services.

For all Fiori ordering system queries, please log a ticket on Halo. A guide providing details of the Halo process is provided in the related documents on this page.

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