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Prevent duty guidance and information for schools.

The Prevent duty guidance has been refreshed and updated to reflect recommendations of the independent review of Prevent. The independent review found there were some areas where the programme could be strengthened, and we've worked closely with those sectors impacted, including education, to improve them.

You can read more about what the key changes are, how they affect different phases of education and what support is available by reading the ‘how we’re safeguarding learners from radicalisation’ blog post from the Department for Education (DfE).

There are no new legal requirements or additional responsibilities for education settings, and changes aren’t anticipated to come into effect until 31 December 2023 at the earliest.

Key changes:

  • ideological causes of terrorism
  • updated terminology
  • training
  • managing risk
  • information sharing

In addition, for further education:

  • external speaker and events

Support available for education settings  

Find out how the updates to the Prevent duty guidance affect your sector: 

Further information is available for education settings about what the changes to the guidance means for them:

For further support, please contact:

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