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Guidance for schools on managing child protection records which includes record keeping, conferences transfer, storage and retention.

It's essential that all staff who work with children and young people, including those who care and educate, understand what to record and store when keeping child protection records.

We need to ensure that all day to day records are truly accurate, maintained, shared and stored in a way which ensures a holistic approach in schools where information is safe, secure and shared in a way which protects pupils and students.

This guidance applies to all maintained, academy, independent, free schools and further education colleges within Derbyshire. Throughout the document all such establishments are referred to as 'schools'. The guidance can also be applied in early years settings.

Relevant guidance along with supporting documents and appendices are attached to this page. A list of records retention schedules outlining how long certain types of records should be kept, their management and disposal of the information can be found on the Derbyshire County Council website.

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