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Reporting emergency school closures is a quick efficient way to inform the media, parents and us if you need to close (or partially close) your school in an emergency.

All you need to do is send one email message which will automatically be published on school closures.

The message will also be emailed to people and radio stations who have registered to receive school closure notifications.

The system is automatic and can be used at any time of day or night and will accept closure notifications from any pre-registered email address approved by the headteacher. As a security safeguard, messages cannot be sent from email addresses that have not been pre-registered.

The process is simple, you write a quick email with the name of your school in the subject and a description of what is happening in the message body, followed by "END OF MESSAGE". The end of message text is important as it stops any email signatures or footers appearing on the website.

Once you have sent your email, you will receive an automatic reply asking you to confirm your message. Once you have clicked on confirm, the message will appear on the school closures section, and will be emailed to subscribers of the email alert system.

The email address you need to use depends on where in the county you are. Please refer to your related areas email address and full instructions guide.

For help and advice on registering and testing the system please email:

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