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Information sharing with Derbyshire County Council

Information sharing agreements

The local information sharing agreement, under the Derbyshire Partnership Forum Information Sharing Protocol, between the council and schools within Derbyshire has been reviewed and minor changes have been made to update it. The agreement covers data sharing arrangements, including the sharing of personal data, where all partners are acting as data controllers between the council, Derbyshire schools, Derbyshire academies and multi academy trusts.  We are asking all Derbyshire schools, academies and multi academy trusts to confirm they agree with updated terms of the agreement, by completing the Agreement Sign Up web form.

On submission of the form your school or academy will be registered as a partner to the updated agreement and you will receive a confirmation email for your records (this will be from the ‘Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate’ email address, check your junk mail if necessary).

The web form will also provide an opportunity for your school to be registered as a partner to Derbyshire Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ISA and, for schools in Derbyshire Integris MIS Contract Only, the opportunity to register for or continue to use the secure pupil data sharing functionality provided as part of the Integris MIS system.

Full copies of agreements and schedules can be found attached to this web page.

Secure document transfer portals

To share confidential data securely and comply with statutory regulations in regard to the sharing of personal information, schools can access various secure data transfer systems in order to securely send documents to Derbyshire County Council and to other schools.

Perspective Lite secure area

The Perspective Lite secure area provides secure two way communication between the local authority and schools. It is used to transfer confidential documents containing pupil details and/or staffing details.

Only a limited number of staff in schools will have permission to see this area and access to it must be authorised by the headteacher.

Department for Education (DfE) school to school website

This system allows schools to securely share pupil files with other schools, the DfE's missing pupil database and the Local Authority. It is normally used to share common transfer files relating to pupils transferring schools.

Privacy notices

The Data Protection Act (DPA) requires that personal data be processed fairly. This means that people should generally be aware of which organisations are sharing their personal data and what it is being used for.

The DfE recommends as 'good practice' data controllers at all schools and academies issue parent or carers, pupils and staff a privacy notice which explains why personal information is being held and who it is being shared with. If your school is sharing information with Derbyshire County Council, then it is important that your privacy notice includes information about this. Schools that subscribe to the Data Protection Officer Service from our Education Data Hub are provided with template privacy notices, which includes this information. The staff privacy notice should mention the data sharing requirement of the 'School Workforce Census'.

The contact information for Derbyshire County Council that you should include in your privacy notices is:

Data Protection Officer
Legal Services
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall


It is also good practice to publish your privacy notice on your school website.

It is recommended you review and update your privacy notices on an annual basis and reissue updated versions.

For further information, see our Training, tools, templates and other useful information page.

Advice, guidance, templates and support are available from the Education Data Hub Team, email:

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