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Information for schools on pupil entitlements to home to school transport.

The latest transport policy for children and young people and the post 16 transport policy statement can be viewed on their respective pages on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Form X78 application for home to school transport

As you will be aware, parents of children resident in Derbyshire can apply to us for assistance with transport between home and school.

Would you please arrange to destroy any paper copies of the form x78 Application for Home to School Transport. The Authority has an online application form, available on the Derbyshire Transport pages. Please direct parents to this site to make an application. (Please note: different arrangements apply for students transferring to secondary schools at intake each September).

For those parents who are unable to access the internet, an up-to date paper form is available from the School Admissions and Transport team, tel: 01629 537479.

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