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Our educational psychologists are qualified to work with children, parents and staff and are registered to practice by the Health Professions Council.

Who our service is for

All maintained nursery, primary, special and secondary schools and academies.

What we offer

Educational psychologists provide 'core' work to all maintained nursery, primary, special and secondary schools and academies - funded by the local authority - for children or young people who are currently experiencing severe and complex difficulties and who have EHC plans, or are undergoing EHC needs assessments, or are at the highest levels of need leading up to a referral for EHC needs assessment or at a high risk of permanent exclusion, providing schools have already followed a robust graduated response. Schools are asked to prioritise children for this work at twice yearly planning meetings.

In addition, schools can purchase training, direct interventions with pupils, assessment or consultation at SEN support level, or other support for the school. Please see Derbyshire Services for Schools for our purchased services price guide.

Consultation sessions

These involve bringing people together, collating and interpreting information, listening, working collaboratively and resulting in a practical action plan. Further information about the educational psychology service and what we can offer schools is attached to this page.

Assessment and intervention (casework)

This direct work is more time intensive and involves assessing needs, taking an objective view, working with parents, facilitating difficult meetings, designing therapeutic interventions, group work, setting targets, observation, working with excluded pupils, promoting positive change and professional quality feedback and reports.

Other interventions

These include supervision, coaching, therapeutic support for young people, projects, facilitating working together, support for staff wellbeing and support for critical incidents.

Training and development

We deliver evidence-based training designed to meet your needs. We will meet with you to clarify your expected outcomes, negotiate an agenda, agree on a learning resource package, evaluation process and provide follow up if required.

Examples of specific training courses we offer include:

  • attachment
  • critical incidents
  • therapeutic stories
  • positive psychology
  • loss and bereavement
  • precision teaching
  • dyslexia
  • autism


We focus on improving outcomes for children and young people in their learning and social and emotional development. Educational psychologists have a strong skill set based on the best available evidence of strategies that will impact on outcomes.

We aim to be flexible and responsive, recognising that one size doesn't fit all. We use the principles of positive psychology and are solution-focused.

For more information please discuss with your link educational psychologist or with a service manager.

  • Buxton tel: 01629 533535
  • Denby tel: 01629 533815
  • Chesterfield tel: 01629 532735
  • County Hall tel: 01629 536850

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