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Early years entitlement funding claims.

To provide early years entitlement funded places, providers must agree and adhere to Derbyshire’s Provider Agreement.

Early years entitlement funding claims are submitted via the Derbyshire Provider Portal. Claims must be submitted by deadlines set out in the funding calendar.

Support for providers with early entitlement funding claims, including step-by-step portal guidance documents, can be found attached to this page.

Contracts and business support

Further information around early entitlement funding, the contracting process (if providers would like to offer early years entitlement funding places), and business support can be found on the Derbyshire County Council website.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the guidance materials, please email:


Provider portal - signing in and out

Submit estimated hours of attendance before the start of term

Actual headcount claims - existing children

Actual headcount claims - deleting children

Actual headcount claims - adding a new child

Claim for an eligible two-year-old

Check a 30-hour code and determine eligibility

Submit an adjustment - child increased funded hours

Submit an adjustment - child left or reduced funded hours

Submit an adjustment - child that started after the portal closed

View adjustments for previous funding period

View payments and previous claims

Key guidance

Early Education and Childcare: statutory guidance for local authorities

Early Years entitlements: operational guidance for local authorities and providers

Free early years provision and childcare: model agreement

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