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Guidance for Headteachers on the council's requirement to agree capital works on school sites.

Maintained schools wishing to undertake any type of self-funded capital project must submit a project approval form in order to gain the council’s agreement to the work. This requirement is for all capital works funded through Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) contributions, delegated budgets, specialist bids, donations or private funds (including any combination of these sources) and is now subject to internal audit.

Capital works (irrespective of size or cost) which require submission of a project approval form include new buildings, extensions, internal and external alterations, any works on the mechanical or electrical systems, general repairs and maintenance (apart from routine works, for example, repainting) in addition to demolition or any changes affecting land and external areas.

Schools are very different from domestic property in that they are treated as public or commercial property and accompanying this are extensive and complex legal duties and responsibilities on behalf of both the tenant (school) and  landlord (the council). Submission of a project approval form therefore gives protection to headteachers and governors by ensuring that a school is correctly advised about meeting the necessary legislative and contractual requirements relating to capital work on their site.

For further information and advice please contact your Assistant Development Officer.


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