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Additional Educational Needs (AEN) contingency.

At its meeting on Monday 18 June 2018 the schools forum agreed a formulaic approach to allocating Additional Educational Needs (AEN) contingency thus removing the need for schools to complete a claim form.

For claims relating to issues funded by the de-delegated contingency, schools should submit an email or letter to setting out the issues and the amount of support required.

Before any claim is submitted, please read the schools forum paper attached to this page.

Please note that there are references to Graduated Response for Individual Pupils (GRIP) funding in the Schools Forum paper.

Although this funding is no longer available to apply for, it will take some time to complete this funding for pupils with existing approved GRIP provision (e.g. end of Key Stage). Therefore the formulaic calculation for AEN contingency is still relevant.

Since February 2023, Inclusion Funding (IF) has replaced GRIP funding and will also be included in the AEN contingency calculations.

If you have any queries, please contact school funding;

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