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A draft copy of your schools CFR return has been produced.

To view your schools data enter your school’s 4 digit DfE number in the yellow box on cell B4 of the spreadsheet. Please review the draft return for accuracy and notify Accountancy by emailing Adele Price:, if you have any issues with the return before the 16th July 2021. Also in the related documents section is a list of GL codes and the CFR code which it maps to.

Community-focused school revenue balance

Please could you check your schools B06 Community-focused school revenue balance (found in cell H96), this balance is rolled forward each year, please notify Accountancy if this does not match the balance you have recorded or if this should be zero.

Schools holding money on behalf of other schools

There are instances where schools hold money on behalf of other schools as part of a hub or network to carry out projects. The DfE recognises that this issue distorts schools CFR returns and as a consequence has asked for the appropriate income/expenditure to be netted off prior to the return. As this information cannot be picked up from the ledger it has not been included in the draft return and any schools in this position will need to notify accountancy of the appropriate amounts.

Voluntary aided schools

Voluntary aided schools do not show their capital income or expenditure on SAP however this still needs reporting on the CFR return. If you are a VA school please email Adele Price:, with details of your capital income and expenditure by the 16th July 2021.

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