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Your public liability insurance does not automatically cover bonfire or firework displays organised by the school.

It may be possible to obtain cover for the event but in order to do so you will need to email the risk and insurance section of the following information:

  • location and vicinity to other buildings/structures - this should be a minimum of 30 metres from buildings, railways and roads
  • risk assessments
  • number of attendees
  • planning documentation.

Please email:

Please note our public liability policy will not extend to cover parent or teacher associations or other similar organisations or companies who must have their own insurance to cover such events. In this case we will not need details of the event but the organisers will need to comply with the distances and precautions set out in the attached documents.

Evidence of the organisers Public liability insurance must be obtained by the school prior to the event. The organisers must hold a minimum of £5m public liability insurance.

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