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Information and guidance for schools on the new recruiting system.

As you are probably aware a new recruitment system, Recruit, was to be implemented over the summer break and it actually went live on 9 August 2018. Thank you for your patience in the run up to this whilst we had a short advert embargo. 

The process changes for schools are minimal but Recruit does bring a number of benefits and as you will have direct access to the system you will be able to:

• Check the advert proof in the system prior to the Shared Services Centre making the advert live.
• See how many applications have been submitted whilst the advert is live.
• View all job applications, including those submitted offline, in Recruit.
• Share online job applications with other interview panel members securely in Recruit. 

A number of schools adverts have already been process and are currently live on the new website. If you require an advert placing please ensure you use the revised advertising form attached to this page.

Guidance on how to use Recruit can also be found on this page however if you do need any additional help please ring the Advertising Team on tel: 01629 535118 or VOIP extension 35118 option 1.

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