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Posted on 1 July 2022

We’re all being affected by rises in energy bills, food and petrol which is making it hard for some people to make ends meet.

Derbyshire County Council has put together lots of information and advice designed to ensure that Derbyshire residents are getting all the help that they are entitled to.

You can find loads of helpful information – everything from how to claim free school meals to how to check if you are eligible for benefits and money saving tips on the Derbyshire County Council website.

We'd really appreciate your help in sharing some advice and messages to your staff, parents and carers. We’ve created a toolkit including lots of resources and hope that you can help us to spread the word through your school’s communications channels including social media and newsletters. You can download these resources from a shared Google Drive folder.

Please also look out for a delivery of flyers for parents and carers which should be arriving at your school soon. We understand that the last few weeks of term are a very busy time but your help in distributing this is much appreciated.

For more information, or to request additional printed materials, please contact:

Colleen Marples

Also see